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HEDGEROW Colour Pooling Yarn, Silk, Superwash Wool, Cashmere, Silver Stellina,

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2/12NM NM 40% Silk 40% Superwash 17 Micron Wool 10% Cashmere 10% Silver Stellina Weight: Fingering Approx length: 180 yds per skein Approx weight: 32 g per skein Hand dyed, hand painted skeins. These skeins are wound to equal approximately one fully wound 8” long pirn for an end feed shuttle. The skein winder is measured at 62” circumference. For this colour pooling weaving yarn I use for 30” weaving width in the reed which goes down to about 28” width with take up on the loom. Colour pooling results will vary depending on the weave structure. If you are not getting the results you want, try weaving with some similar sized yarn and measuring the length of 2 picks of the woven yarn. It should be about 62” long to get the maximum amount of colour pooling. These skeins create colour pooling because they are Palindrome skeins. In an palindrome skein, the dyer lays out the skein, and paints across the skein from top to bottom. This is a very efficient and common way of hand-painting skeins. The yarn can also be used for warp colour pooling if the warp length is a multiple of 31”, or 62”. Happy creating!