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Handwoven Tea Towel “Flight” series

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Handwoven tea towels will lure you into the handwoven realm with their amazing absorbency, beauty, and durability. If you are not already a huge fan of handwovens, try a tea towel and let us know what you think. They are a wonderful gift for someone who wants a usable item, our customers are always coming back for more! 💜 Priced per towel. Series: Flight Woven by: Anna Fibre: 100% cotton Weft colour: espresso Weave structure: plain Dimensions: approx. 50 cm x 65 cm 20” x 26” WASH INSTRUCTIONS: -—————————— This item is designed to last, wash, and wear like any tea towel. It has been prewashed with unscented environmentally friendly detergent and is ready to use. - wash in warm in regular cycle - dry on low heat and remove when still damp for longevity - iron on medium heat if needed PLEASE BE AWARE that this fabric may contain slight imperfections that are normal to hand made hand woven items. We hope you see it as we do, made by slightly flawed yet highly lovable human hands! Instagram: clothofkin TikTok: @clothofkin