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Handwoven Scarf “52 Digits of Pi” Dreams Take Flight

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This scarf is 52 digits of Pi making it 1.7 meters long. Woven with high quality fibers: 50% cotton/50% bamboo viscose Series: Dreams Take Flight Design: 9 Raspberry -The number Pi, 3.14159... is the main design element for this handwoven textile. -Each digit is represented by a colour based on the rainbow chakra colours. -Each colour is a thickness, based on the increasing numbers of the Fibonacci sequence spiral. -There is a tactile thread separating each digit with “zero” having 2 tactile threads and no colour in between. -The number Pi can be recited starting from the Cloth of Kin labeled end of the cloth. Wrinkle resistant handwoven fabric, wash on delicate cycle, dry low heat or hang to dry. Iron on low heat if necessary. Have you ever wondered how weaving on a floor loom works? -Each thread in the cloth is handled with care multiple times, first the yarns are measured, then the loom is set up. -The weaver sits at the loom and passes the shuttle back and forth to create the cloth. -Each change of colour requires a pause to pick up the new colour and carefully fold the thread of the old colour in place so the overlap is barely noticeable. -After the cloth is woven, every inch is carefully inspected for knots in the thread which are removed by hand and a new thread gently woven in. -The fabric is sewn at the edges to prevent unravelling and machine washed using a unscented, eco-friendly laundry detergent and tumble dried using low heat to set the fibres. -The finished product is finally ironed and inspected again then it’s ready to be photographed. -Handwoven cloth may have small imperfections which is part of the beauty of owning something made meticulously by hand. Threads will not unravel like a knit garment would, the fabric is very sturdy and made to last a lifetime! The Cloth of Kin logo is a custom designed Nordic bindrune that represents our “Woven Relatives”. We believe the sentient beings of the natural fibres in these pieces are longing to be connected with their mother earth, just as they are longing to connect with a caring, admiring owner. Each piece is taken into the forest to be photographed before being sold. This brings a happy vibration to the natural fibres as they reconnect with the earth and anticipate their new home. Series: Dreams Take Flight Fibre: 50% cotton, 50% bamboo viscose Weave structure: plain weave Size: 1.7 m x 0.32 m Woven by: Anna Handwoven in Edmonton, AB, Canada